Enhancing Lives with Skylark™ Electric Stairs

At Skylark™, we are deeply committed to making a positive impact on homeowners. We understand that, for many, the loft space in their homes is a valuable asset that, as time passes, becomes increasingly challenging to access safely. This is why we are passionate about providing solutions that allow everyone to reclaim and utilise their attic space, just as they wish to and when they wish to.

The significance of this mission cannot be overstated. The attic, often a multifunctional and essential part of our homes, can turn into a cumbersome and hazardous area as we age. Traditional, manual ladders can be particularly challenging, contributing to a significant number of injuries—around 90,000 per year, as reported by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

With Skylark™ Electric Stairs, the heavy lifting and the risk of using an old, rickety ladder are eliminated. You can effortlessly extend and retract the stairs with the simple push of a remote control button, ensuring a safe and sturdy ladder is at your disposal. To further enhance safety, our design incorporates two supportive handrails.

Our customers frequently express their delight at the robust and secure feel of the stairs, and this is no accident. We achieve this level of durability through the use of premium materials, such as beech hardwood for the ladder and 5mm-thick steel brackets, setting us apart from loft ladders that often employ 2mm or 3mm brackets. This combination of quality wood and steel components results in a resilient, versatile, and long-lasting product.

The versatility and quality of our product make it the ideal choice for those looking to use their attic for various functional spaces, including game rooms, bedrooms, and offices. For many homes, the installation of a permanent staircase is not feasible without sacrificing valuable living space. Skylark™ provides the perfect solution by allowing the stairs to be retracted into the ceiling when not in use, freeing up hallway or landing space during the day.

Skylark™: Unlocking High Ceilings Safely and Conveniently

Notably, the Skylark™ system offers an added layer of security. When it’s closed, it’s locked, and the key is your remote control.

In environments where workplace safety is paramount, and where every square foot of space is valuable, Skylark™ revolutionizes how staff members can access elevated storage areas. Health and safety are non-negotiable, and Skylark™ ensures both ease and safety for all. What sets us apart is our motorized system, making access a breeze for anyone, anytime, even in the event of a power outage. The Skylark™ features a robust battery backup, guaranteeing you can always open and close the stairs when needed.

Many offices and commercial buildings feature high ceilings, rendering manual loft ladders impractical. This is where Skylark™ truly shines.

Our solution eliminates the burdensome tasks of heavy lifting, reaching for a manual ladder, or navigating steep, poorly constructed ladders. With the simple push of a button on the remote control, Skylark™ smoothly unfolds the ladder, preparing it for safe and convenient use.
This transformation effectively eliminates the most hazardous aspect of accessing the attic or loft.

Skylark™ Electric Attic Stairs are versatile and suitable for various applications, including in your house, garage, loft storage rooms, offices, commercial buildings, schools, churches, and more. Skylark™ has already found its place in all of these settings and beyond, proving its adaptability and reliability in diverse environments.

People with health issues or with restricted movement, find that by having a Skylark™ Electric Stairs, they can once again use their loft space as they were able to before.

This means a lot to us.

Many of us have become accustomed to our loft (attic) as a very necessary space for all manner of uses. As we grow older, we find a trip to the loft much more laborious, and also start to find it can become more and more dangerous. Having a Skylark™ Electric Stairs takes away any heavy lifting, or the requirement to reach over our head to pull down a rickety old ladder, which is the cause of so many injuries. 90,000 per year. (Source: Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) report on ladder safety)

With your Skylark™, use your remote control to operate the stairs, when the ladder is fully extended to the floor you have a strong safe ladder to climb, which also has two safety hand rails to assist you.

Our customers regularly tell us of their surprise with the sturdy feel of the stairs when they climb it. We achieve this solid construction by assembling your stairs using very strong materials, such as beech hardwood for the ladder. The steel brackets are strengthened to 5mm thickness, compared to most other loft ladders who use 2mm or 3 mm brackets. This combination of quality wood and steel components provides a product which is resilient, versatile and hardwearing.

The high quality of the overall product makes it the perfect choice for many people who are converting their attic into rooms of all kinds (games room, bedroom, offices,etc.).

As with many homes finding the room for a permanent staircase is just not possible, without having to use up valuable space. As the Skylark™ can be retracted back up into the ceiling when the room above is not in use, it frees up the hallway or landing during the day.

If you are considering converting your loft space, it is worthwhile knowing that the space a permanent staircase will use, cannot be regained. If, for example, your loft room is just for guests when they are visiting (i.e. not all the time), it makes sense that a permanent staircase is going to take up space unnecessarily. If you plan to use the loft as your office or hobby room, while it’s not in use, you can close it off from the rest of the house.

By the way, the Skylark™ is locked when it’s closed; your remote is the key!

With health and safety being important in our places of work, and with a loft having valuable square footage just over your head, the Skylark™ makes it easy and safe for staff members to gain access. Because the Skylark’s™ motors do all of the work, anyone can use it at any time, even when there is a power outage. The Skylark™ contains a powerful battery backup so you will always be able to open and close the stairs.

Typical offices and commercial buildings tend to have high ceilings which make them unsuitable for manual loft ladders, but this is where the Skylark™ comes into its own.

No other loft ladder, apart from Skylark™, can make high ceilings so easy to access.

Staff have no heavy lifting to do, no reaching to pull down a manual loft ladder, no climbing steep ladders, or just badly constructed ladders. With the use of the remote control, the Skylark™ opens and unfolds the ladder ready for them to climb.

This removes the most hazardous task of going to the attic.

Skylark™ Electric Attic Stairs can be used in your House, Garage, for Loft conversion, Loft storage rooms, Offices, Commercial building, Schools, Churches, etc.

Skylark is now in use in of all these places and more.