A. Yes, it can. The Skylark comes with a battery backup system, which in the event of power outage allows the stairs to work as normal. When the power outage is over the battery recharges automatically ready for the next time it is needed. The Skylark can be operated 15 to 20 times on battery only.

A. Skylark stairs are renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship and high-quality components, ensuring longevity and reliability. Many Skylark installations from over a decade ago are still in operation today, a testament to their durability. Additionally, for added peace of mind, each Skylark purchase comes with a comprehensive 10-year parts warranty, guaranteeing continued support and performance excellence.

A. The Skylark ladder is made from Beech which is a hard wood; most if not all loft ladders are made from much softer woods. The steel used on the Skylark is also up to 2 mm thicker than on most other loft ladders. As a result the Skylark gives you a very solid feel when being used, and can be used every day.

A. Because of the Skylarks unique design which allows it to fold in three sections, the overall size of the unit is very similar to most manual loft ladder dimensions, so there is a very good chance that the Skylark will fit into the same space as your current manual loft ladder.

A. Yes. The Skylark comes with a plug appropriate to your country, so it needs a power point in the loft before fitting.

A. This is really where the Skylark is most impressive and comes into a class of its own. Manual loft ladders are not suitable for high ceilings; it is much too hard to unfold the ladder down and even harder to put back up into place. All manual ladders require regardless of the ceiling height a person to have good mobility and strength, but with the Skylark you just need to push the button on your remote control and let the Skylark do all the heavy lifting for you. The Skylark stairs operates up to 3.2 M high ceilings as standard and higher by request.

A. The Skylark Attic Ladder is worked by remote control, so it is possible to close it from above, however one must never do this as it will restrict your ability to escape in the event of an emergency.

A. The Skylark features meticulously crafted treads, each boasting a substantial depth of 105mm. Crafted from durable Beech hardwood, these treads ensure a solid and reliable foundation for your climb. With ample toe room behind every step, your ascent is not only secure but also comfortable.

Maintaining a convenient design, each step is thoughtfully spaced at 230 mm intervals, promoting an effortless and ergonomic climbing experience. Safety is paramount, and to enhance your peace of mind, the Skylark ladder is equipped with two handrails as standard. These handrails provide additional support, making your climb not only functional but also safe and secure. Elevate your climbing experience with the Skylark—where precision meets safety.

A. The Skylark is automatically locked when closed and cannot be opened without the remote control.

Consider the following points before purchasing a loft ladder:

  1. Safety Concerns with Manual Loft Ladders:
    • Over 90,000 people worldwide sustain injuries annually while using manual loft ladders.
    • If your current ladder is challenging to use or if you’re relying on makeshift solutions like step ladders or chairs, it’s time to reassess.
  2. Evaluate Your Physical Capability:
    • Before opting for a manual loft ladder, consider your strength and mobility. Avoid becoming one of the 90,000 individuals who face accidents yearly due to difficulties in operating such ladders.
  3. Challenges with Manual Ladder Mechanics:
    • Many manual loft ladders feature a locking mechanism that requires a pole to operate, posing challenges for users of various ages.
    • The steep climbing angle, often exceeding 70 degrees in conventional ladders, can be an obstacle for many. In contrast, Skylark electric attic stairs boast a more user-friendly 64-degree angle, equipped with deep steps and two handrails as standard features.
  4. Introducing Skylark Electric Attic Stairs:
    • Skylark offers a revolutionary solution with the electric attic stairs, the first-of-its-kind foldaway loft ladder operated effortlessly by remote control.
    • Eliminate the need for physical exertion – simply push a button to open or close the ladder.
    • Enjoy peace of mind knowing that Skylark provides the safest and most convenient access to your loft, irrespective of your strength or mobility.
Make an informed decision for your loft access needs, prioritizing safety and ease of use with Skylark electric attic stairs.