Skylark Electric Attic Stairs

Loft Stowaway

The Original Loftstowaway Storage Tray is for that part of your attic that you can’t reach and yet it makes up a large part of your loft the eave’s. Now with the Original Loftstowaway Storage Trays you can access that part of your loft with ease.

The Original Loftstowaway Storage Trays will help clear up the the open space that you need for walking around in by having all your storage in under the eave’s out of the way making it alot more accessible for you to walk through your attic.

The way the Original Loftstowaway Storage Tray works is the tray slides in and out of the eaves with ease and all your storage on it. It could not be easier. Designed to be DIY friendly and all fitting instructions come with it.

Buy your Original Loftstowaway Storage Tray now and get your attic under control

  • The simple solution for providing storage in your Loft
  • Access the difficult parts of your Loft with ease.
  • Provides Storage under the Eaves
  • DIY Friendly-Fitting instructions supplied
  • Trays slide in and out of your eaves with ease

Surround Rail

Surround rail is a rail that you can buy as an extra with your Skylark electric attic stairs and the rail can be attached to the opening of your loft. The surround rail, surrounds three sides of the opening, making it alot safer to use your loft area.

Balance Rail

Balance rail is a rail that you can buy as an added extra with your Skylark electric attic stairs to attach to the opening of your loft so that you have something to grab onto when entering and exiting the loft space.