Loft Stowaway

The Original Loftstowaway Storage Tray is for that part of your attic that you can’t reach and yet it makes up a large part of your loft the eave’s. Now with the Original Loftstowaway Storage Trays you can access that part of your loft with ease.

The Original Loftstowaway Storage Trays will help clear up the the open space that you need for walking around in by having all your storage in under the eave’s out of the way making it alot more accessible for you to walk through your attic.

The way the Original Loftstowaway Storage Tray works is the tray slides in and out of the eaves with ease and all your storage on it. It could not be easier. Designed to be DIY friendly and all fitting instructions come with it.

Buy your Original Loftstowaway Storage Tray now and get your attic under control

Skylark™ Electric Attic Stairs Surround Rail

Enhance the safety and functionality of your Skylark™ electric attic stairs with our Surround Rail—an optional accessory designed to complement your loft experience. When paired with your attic stairs, the Surround Rail provides additional security and ease of use.

Key Features:

  1. Safety First
    The Surround Rail wraps around three sides of the attic opening, ensuring a safer environment when accessing your loft. Feel confident and secure as you navigate your attic space with this added safety feature.
  2. Seamless Integration
    Crafted to seamlessly integrate with Skylark™ electric attic stairs, our Surround Rail is a perfect addition to your Skylark™ stairs.
  3. Easy Installation
    Installing the Surround Rail is a breeze, offering a hassle-free experience for homeowners. With straightforward instructions and quality craftsmanship, you can quickly enjoy the benefits of an enhanced attic entrance.
  4. Versatile Design
    Whether you’re using your attic for storage, as a workspace, or for other purposes, the Surround Rail adapts to your needs. Its versatile design makes it suitable for various loft applications.

Enhance Your Skylark™ Electric Attic Stairs with the Balance Rail

Upgrade your Skylark™ electric attic stairs with the optional Balance Rail—a smart addition designed to elevate your loft experience. The Balance Rail attaches to the floor of your loft, providing a sturdy and reliable support system for effortless entry and exit.

Key Features:

  1. Secure Grip
    The Balance Rail offers a reliable handhold, ensuring a secure grip as you navigate in and out of your loft space.
  2. Enhanced Safety
    Elevate safety measures with this essential accessory. The Balance Rail adds an extra layer of stability, making your attic stairs not only convenient but also exceptionally safe.

Why Choose the Balance Rail?

Elevate your loft experience with the Skylark™ Balance Rail—where safety meets style.
Note: The Balance Rail is an optional add-on