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How it works

Storage space at a premium? Need easy access to your attic / loft? With its unique design the Skylark comes in a compact unit with trapdoor and fixed frame all of which are insulated and draft sealed.

Upgrading from your current loft ladder may be very possible with the Skylark Electric Foldaway Stairs.To operate just push and hold the button on your remote control and watch this beautiful stairs open and unfold. No manual effort needed.

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Why us

For decades, the attic stairs has made gaining access to the most under-used area of the home easier than ever. Up until recently, opening these traditional attic stairs required home owners to stand on stools, reach handles with long poles and use their manual strength to open the doors and extend the ladders. The people behind Skylark Electric Attic Stairs realised that these types of loft ladders were not easy or safe for everyone to use, particularly those with reduced mobility. Now with a Skylark Electric Foldaway Attic Stairs, all home owners can benefit from a loft ladder that can be fully opened, extended and closed safely by the touch of one button. Skylark has been independently tested to EN 14975 safety standards and has passed said test. Skylark comes with 10 years parts warranty.

About Skylark

Skylark Electric Attic Stairs was established in 2012 by three visionary engineers with a combined 60 years of experience in construction, engineering, installation and customer service. Our idea was simple, develop an innovative product to give easy access to the most under utilised space in your home, your attic. The team quickly produced the first generation of the Skylark Fully Electric remote control attic stairs, which was instantly a hit within the industry and customers. The product is progressing all the time in development and the company are expanding to increase production and drive further innovation.We believe in providing our customers with the highest standard of craftsmanship, highest quality components, and all our timber is harvested from renewable forests.