Storage space at a premium?

Need easy access to your attic / loft?

How It Works

Skylark electric attic stairs works by way of remote control.

  1. Press the down button and the stairs comes down.
  2. Press the up button and the stairs goes up. 

That is all there is to it: it’s as simple as that!

Logo of Skylark Electric Foldway Attic Stairs
  • With its unique design the Skylark comes in a compact unit with trapdoor and fixed frame all of which are insulated and draft sealed.
  • Fantastic U-Value of 0.71
  • Stairs unit is also airtight when closed
  • Upgrading from your current loft ladder may be very possible with the Skylark Electric Foldaway Stairs.
  • The ladder is made from Beech hardwood.
  • To operate just push and hold the button on your remote control and watch this beautiful stairs open and unfold. No manual effort needed.
  • The Skylark can be made in a wide range of sizes to suit your needs.
  • The Skylark comes with One remote control handset, one hardwired switch in the attic and one hardwired switch on the lid of the Skylark and Bluetooth adapter so you can operate the Skylark using your smartphone or tablet.
  • Power pack with battery back up incase of power outage.
  • Anti-collision system.
  • Skylark has a working load of 225KG
  • Skylark comes with 2 handrails and the stairs is designed with steps which are just 230 mm apart for safe climbing, with a climbing angle of 64 degrees
  • Max Extended Length of opening 2.0m
  • Min Extended Length of opening 1.2m
  • Product width from 650 – 700 – 750 – 800 mm
  • All ceiling heights catered for
  • 10 year warranty* (Terms & Conditions apply)
  • U.S. Patent No. 9,447,637
  • European Patent No. 2 871 300